Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Revlon Ultimate All-In-One Mascara - Review

Revlon Ultimate All-In-One Mascara Blackened Brown  
I recently bought a Revlon Ultimate ALL-IN-ONE Mascara from Superdrug. Though, I was planning to buy Loreal Paradise Mascara but 3 for 2 scheme on Revlon products compelled me to change my mind. After unpacking, I realised I have bought a Dark brown shade mistakenly. Nevertheless, I used it.

Price – 12.59


Revlon Ultimate All-In-One Mascara Blackened Brown  
 Discription (as given on boots website)

Ultimate All-In-On Mascara.
Introducing the holy grail of mascaras, the Revlon Ultimate All-In-One MascaraTM features 5 lash transforming benefits leaving no lash behind, allowing you to achieve:
- Volume
- Length
- Definition
- Lift
- Intense Colour

It’s all about the brush:
The revolutionary small but mighty Revlon Power Mini Brush has a hollow core, designed to maximise the amount of formula to the lashes, as well as a unique mini oval shape for easy application, which reaches and covers every lash to create an intense and unbelievable length lash look.


First of all, the packaging is not classy (considering Cosmetic Companies are coming up with new eye-catching metallic glossy packaging). It is simple matte black with red cap.

After using various different Mascaras, I find smaller wands to be efficient in covering all the lashes perfectly without messing. Revlon Ultimate ALL-IN-ONE Mascara comes with a small brush which conveniently reaches all the lashes (even the corner ones). Usually with bigger wands, it’s tough to cover all the lashes without messing.

Revlon claims this Mascara gives Volume, Length, Definition, Lift and Intense Color. Mascara stands true to its claims. It does increase the volume and length. It also defines the lashes and lifts them along with giving intense color. But this mascara forms clumps on the lashes. Many girls do not have a problem with it but I personally prefer a cleaner look. So this is one major flaw I found in the Mascara.

Also note, this mascara is not waterproof. So just be careful before buying this one. I prefer waterproof one.

In a nutshell, I would say this mascara does not have anything which is not there in other good quality mascaras.

Overall I would give this mascara 3/5 stars.

Take Care and Keep Blinging.


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