Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Natural Face Cleanser - Gram Flour

Importance of a good face cleanser cannot be emphasised enough for keeping the skin problem free and youthful. Depending on the skin type, there are plenty of options available. Generally, face cleansers are loaded with harsh chemicals and soap which does more harm than good to skin. Harsh face cleansers strips away moisture, react on sensitive skin and may cause ageing. 

Natural face cleansers, such as Gram flour, thoroughly deep clean the face without harming skin. Moreover, the natural ingredients adds glow, moisturise and clears skin problems.

Chickpea flour or Gram flour is cheap and easily available in grocery stores. It removes excess oil (or sebum) and impurities from pores without drying. It also removes tan, clears pimples, brightens as well as moisturise skin. It can be mixed with various natural ingredients to make various types of face packs.

Gram flour cleanser is ideal for oily skin but people with combination and dry skin can also use it.  It efficiently removes oil, dirt and impurities from skin and adds glow.

Method of Preparation-

Take 2 tsp of Gram flour and add a few drops of water to make a paste. Apply it to your face just like a face wash. Gently massage your face with the paste in circular motion for about 30 sec. Wash it off with plain water and pat dry. Now, you can go ahead with your daily routine of toning and moisturising. 

Use this cleanser every morning. Regular use of Gram flour will clear your skin from pimples and blemishes thereby making it glow. Do try this natural cleanser and enjoy its benefits.

Take Care and Keep Blinging. 


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